A screendesign of an online plant configurator. On the website you can first choose between testing yourself on which plant suits you best or click through different categories, if you have already something specific in mind. Besides, the website offers info and tips about the plant as well as some examples with fitting pots.

You are also able to customize your favorite plant with your own designed planter and optional extras.

The overall look of this website is designed to be minimalistic with a very limited color palette to let the new plant friend truly stand out and be the focal point of attention.



What I am good at:

Illustration 97%
Adobe Photoshop 90%
Adobe InDesign 66%
Adobe Premiere 80%
Visualizing different ideas 87%
Creating concepts, moodboards & sketches 95%
Working on time 100%
Having an eye for the big picture 94%

What I am interested in:

Aesthetic design
Pastel & Neon colors
Traditional & Digital
Design, Photography, Film, Motion
3D, Cinema 4D, Gamedesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Screendesign, Editorial

Moin! I’m Kira Weigelt, an illustrator, designer and cosplay artist currently based in Hamburg, Germany. I studied communication design, but other than that I am primarily self taught. As much as drawing on my iPad with Procreate, I love working traditionally with pencil and watercolors. Because I am often taking part in challenges such as Inktober, I am used to getting work done on a tight deadline. With my cosplays, I often participated in cosplay contests, got interviewed by german TV broadcaster SAT.1 and even was part of a TV spot on screens all over Germany. In my free time I like playing video games such as Overwatch, Monster Hunter and Hollow Knight. I started drawing since the first time someone gave my a pen and paper, but I am of the opinion that it’s not raw talent that makes art great, but motivation, passion and the will to learn.