I don’t want a piece of the pie, I want to change the recipe.

Kira Weigelt is a freelancer artist and designer from Hamburg, Germany.



Headshot sketch example
Halfbody simple color example
Half body full render example


If you are interested in getting a personal commission, choose one of the above and click the button. In the pre-written mail you only have to fill in what you’ve got in mind. I’ll get with you into contact as soon as possible! If I have accepted the commission, you may send me the full payment in advance via PayPal. When I have received the payment, I’ll start working on your commission and send you a sketch. Now there’s your chance to have things changed the way you want them to! After that, I will complete your commission in about a week and send you the piece with full resolution via E-Mail. You may post or use it for personal use, but don’t claim it as your own work. When the commission is finished, there can’t be any changes made, but you may ask for the status of your commission every time in between.

I have the right to refuse your offer as well as to maybe publish it to my social media.

What I can do:

– Art of you/your friends/a photo
– Fanart of games, anime, movies, …
– YouTube/Twitch Avatars & Banners
– Cover art for your book

For more/other requests please write me a message!

Thank you for your interest!