Delirium short film

„Delirium“ is an experimental short film with artistic value. The focus was set on imitating the style of the Avantgarde genre, to let the viewer open their eyes for something away from social restrictions and commercial expectations.

This goes with regards to content and the topic of the film as well as the execution in technique, such as camera movement, cut and effects. Although it is represented in the modern age, it got a kind of surreal charm to it, as the viewer goes on a journey with the main character and got to experience it through her perspective. Not quite knowing what is reality and what isn’t, the story and circumstances are completely up to the fantasy to whoever watches it.

Delirium was group project of me, Kira Weigelt, and Anja Stier. We both own the idea and storyboard as well as the cut and edit was made by both of us. Camera was done by her, with me as the actress. The music belongs to Melanie Martinez.

(2018, Premiere Pro)